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This page presents a list of needs and requests expressed by our colleagues from Venezuela. If you have a way to respond to some of these requests, please do not hesitate to contact the Venezuelan contact person directly or use the form contact.

You can also use the the form contact to propose a support action.

Please keep us informed of any action you may take.

Institute of Tropical Medicine,
Universidad Central de Venezuela

Funding for the infrastructure works of the Institute of Tropical Medicine.

We are grateful for any amount, in any currency, from anywhere in the world, where any graduate or friend knows about the importance of the Institute of Tropical Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of the Central University of Venezuela, its teaching, assistance, research and extension functions, and wishes to contribute with their “grain of sand” to this noble cause. Responses will be handled on an individual basis in order to preserve the confidentiality of each individual. Many thanks in advance on behalf of the students of the Faculty of Medicine, users of the Library and members of the ITM community.

Belkisyolé Aalrcón de Noya, Director of the IMT, belkisuole@gmail.com

Protein Chemistry,
Universidad Simón Bolivar

At least 10 sacks of 50 pounds of rat and mouse feed are required to keep animals from the Simón Bolívar University Bioterium. The price of a 50 pound bag of rodent feed is $35 without shipping to Venezuela. We need to raise more than $350 to buy food that would keep 25 Sprague Dowley rats and 100 Balb/c mice for the year 2018 and avoid the slaughter of animals for lack of food. Several special projects of Biology, Chemistry and Master’s degree are currently dependent on these animals as well as lines of research by professors from the Department of Cell Biology. The collection of this financial aid can be channelled through the organization alumnusb (https://alumnusb.org) who help us with the purchase and delivery from abroad of materials, equipment and reagents required for the academic and research activities of the Simón Bolívar University.

Nelson Araujo, nelsonaraujo@usb.ve

Laboratory of Cellular Signalling and Parasite Biochemistry. Institute of Advanced Studies (IDEA) & Biophysics Laboratory, Institute of Experimental Biology,
Faculty of Sciences,
Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV)

We work in the search for drugs with therapeutic potential against Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis, and also on cancer. We are oriented towards the mechanisms of cellular signalling. We need reagents, cell culture media, veal foetal serum, etc., and spare parts for certain equipment such as fluorometers (Xenon lamps, at a cost of $2,000 each)
Project description

Gustavo Benaim, gbenaim@gmail.com

Institute of Tropical Medicine,
Faculty of Medicine,
Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV)

Help for therestructuration of the IMT IMT

Belkisyolé Alarcón de Noya, belkisuole@gmail.com

Institute of Earth Sciences,
Faculty of Sciences,
Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV)

  1. specialized bibliography in the area,
  2. project funding,
  3. laboratory supplies, maintenance of existing equipment, purchase of new equipment,
  4. exchange with researchers from other countries, including many of the Venezuelan staff trained in this area outside Venezuela.

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Liliana López, liliana.lopez@ciens.ucv.ve

School of Chemistry,
Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV)

Demand for financial support

Jimmy Castillo, jimmy.castillo@ciens.ucv.ve

Bacterial Resistance Laboratory,
Universidad de Oriente

Taq polymerases, oligonucleotides for qnr, aac- (6′)-Ib-Cr, Lambda DNA marker, vanillin, Boheringer Mannheim total lipid standard, spectrophotometric plastic cuvettes, serological plates, cryo-freeze tubes, glycerol, agarose, Mueller-Hinton agar, EMB agar, Enterococcus agar, Mac Conkey agar, plastic petri dishes, antibiotic discs.

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Lorena Abadía-Patiño, labadia@udo.edu.ve

Environmental Research Laboratory,
Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado (UCLA)

  • Provision of materials, reagents and laboratory equipment,
  • Sponsorship for attendance at international scientific events,
  • Eligibility for publication in international journals.

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María Carolina Pire-Sierra, mcpirre@ucla.edu.ve

Entomology Research Laboratory,
University Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado (UCLA)

Strengthening of the Entomology Research Laboratory and the José Manuel Osorio Entomology Museum,  read the joint document

Evelin Arcaya, aevelin@ucla.edu.ve

Laboratorio de Patologia Celular y Molecular

Early diagnose of Alzheimer disease. Association between mild cognitive impairment and olfactory dysfunction with expression of α-synuclein, neurofibrillary tangles, amyloid Aβ, biomarkers of neuronal atrophy, in biopsies and cultured cells from human olfactory mucosa.  read the joint document

Carlos A Ayala Grosso, carlosayala.grosso@gmail.com